Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I hate being a Representative of my Company

sometimes...But I will get back to that.

April has been my best friend since I was 6 years old. I love her like family. I love her family like family. her family will be coming to my house for Christmas. For her 30th birthday (which is on new years eve) Derek and I are taking her to Disneyland.

In 1997, April's brother Robbie passed away from cancer at the age of 18. We were all devistated. The thing is, when I mourne, I like to be alone. i have one gigantic emotional fit then continue to face the world. April on the other hand needs to be around the people she loves. I couldn't be there for her. I dunno, his 28th birthday was last week and April still doesn't got to work, watches all of his favorite movies, does what she needs to. I remember after we went to his graduation (Aunt Peggy accepted his diploma) April said she always imagined Robbie and I getting married. That was probably the first and only time we grieved together. My mom has a picture of us after our cry, sounds wierd I know, but I love that picture. I miss Robbie, a lot. He was funny, had a great laugh. Very handsome. I hate that I am not remembering as much as I used to. But I will always remember his laugh. I know it's been ten years, but you know, I don't want to forget. With that being said, next subject.

Of course everyone knows that gay men and women can't be legally married. Some states, like California, have passed laws granting Domestic Partnerships that give the couples the same rights are married people and in my industry that means we can list them as spouses and married. I guess in Washington state they passed some similar laws granting some rights for domestic partners. A gentleman wrote in to my company two weeks ago and said hey these laws were passed, what does that mean for me and my husband. I told him I would look into it. Our "legal" department states that the laws passed do not require us to give same sex couples the married rate and we wont.

So i have to write this man and tell him that the only thing I can do is list him as a domestic partner on their policy, but he can't have a married rate. This is where I had to separate my work persona from what I really wanted to say to this guy. My email to him was more personalized then I am supposed to write and if my boss read it, I would more than likely be "talked to."

I had an emotional day and needed to vent. I love my blog. I would love my blg more if it gave me ice cream and washed my car...but i'm not picky.

I have been thinking...I was actually inspired...but I think it would be fun to be on a podcast. But then I think, oh yea, I don't do the computer so well and oh, yea...what the fuck would I talk about. oh well, I shall continue to be a loyal participant. It's a random thought.

Ok my brain is tired. i think i'm done. yup.


Anonymous said...

you can be on our podcast anytime you like... maybe we could have you, walt, and holly all on at the same time!!

Walt said...

Omigod, that would be such a train wreck, but it would be fun, too.

Nessa said...

That would be fun! I will have to consult with my cohorts! Did I spell that right?

Walt said...

No. I think it's spelled "co-whores."

Nessa said...

Sorry Walt, co-whores!

so we are pretty and were whores. haha perfect!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I'm behind on the blogs...stupid charity work gettin' in the way of my fun times. Co-whores?? I've hardly slept with any of you. ;)