Monday, November 26, 2007


So most people know that I wake up around 3:45-4:00 am so I can work out, make a proper breakfast, get the house picked up (because british men are sloppy cunts)(sorry I love that word)

My sister had gotten in the habit of text messaging me at like 11:30 with random pictures. I have asked her to stop because it wakes me up. She complied. Well her friend Mike has taken to texting me from her phone saying things like "Vagina makes me moist" or something. i asked her to ask him not to do that. And he complied...until last night.

I received text messages from my sister's roommate's phone saying more of the same. i had to call my sister at almost midnight to ask him to stop. So I slept like shit. So when I see that piece of shit (only cause i'm grumpy and tired) at work, I will be sticking my foot up his ass.

I was craving salad like whoa last night, so Derek graciously picked up a southwestern cobb for me on his way home from the Rite-Aids. I am also trying to find a winter veggie recipie for Christmas. My pal April and I are doing a stepped-up Christmas dinner on christmas eve. The only thing "traditional" will be the turkey. Instead of potatos, were doing gnocchi, a cranerry dipping sauce for the turkey instead of gravey, some sort of stuffing/dressing. Do any of you have any ideas? I've been through all my Rachal Ray and Paula Deen cook books and about 30 pages of the 826 pages has.

Ok I need to go get ready for work and try to wake up. Even after my walk I am still dragging balls.


Malchera said...

Speaking of Gareth Hunts. I could not sleep last night. Nightmares, and my neighbours were yelling at each other

Mr. Bee said...

Chop 3 slices of bacon, saute until crispy. In the bacon fat saute some garlic and a couple shallots until soft.
Boil water and for 5 minutes boil 2 Lbs of green beans. Throw into an ice bath after 5 minutes.
When ready to serve, heat the shallots and garlic up again, throw in the green beans toss and reheat, squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, throw in the bacon, toss and serve.

Nessa said...

Mr Bee...I actually made that for Thanksgiving last year and know it's super yummy. It's on my list!

Walt said...

My only idea is to stay away from Rachael Ray. LOL.

I'm sure the Barefoot Contessa must have something fun and unusual to make.