Monday, November 19, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

You know, I have used this blog for a lot of complaints. From tomorrow through Thanksgiving I will not use this blog for evil. As bad things happen in your life, you tend to forget there are good things. So while I am thinking about my good things, I wanted to write them down so I don't forget.

I am thankful that my loved ones did not loose their homes in the fires
I am thankful that I got to spend time with my mom
I am thankful that Derek and I are trying to be better to one another
I am thankful for my "old" friends April, Keela, Todd, and Ru
I am thankful for my new podcast friends who have been amazingly entertaining and loving.
I am thankful for having a steady job, a roof over my head, and my car making it up that hill.
I am thankful for my Maggie, my Sabrina, and My Jazzmine.
I am extremely thankful for the inspiration others have provided me without even trying. Making me think about life in new ways trying to live a better life and be a better me.

I have to ask you all a question....Are you a good witch or a bad witch? I hope Kevin enjoys his WIZARD OF OZ REFERENCE FOR TODAY!

gobble gobble!


Walt said...

I'm thankful that I got to know you this year, Nessa.

And you're allowed to be evil here. Think of it like this. If you've got the evil inside, it's gonna get out. Why not spill it here so there's nothing left for the rest of the day?

Nessa said...

Aww Thanks Walt! *hugs*

I know youre right, but I thought I would give you a break hehe!