Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nessa the hag...

Ok, so this is my bitch post. I need to vent!

Now, I wake up at 3:45 am 5 days a week, I get up, I work out for 30 minutes, I cook breakfast for Derek and I, and I do the dishes.

Now Derek works nights, so his breakfast is in the fridge when he wakes up. He also has lunch made when he comes home on his break, and has dinner waiting when he comes home. I would say this is true 90% of the time because some days, I am too tired to make dinner sometimes.

Part of our deal is that since I do cook and clean in the morning that derek will make my lunch for work and put the dishes away. Today is like the 3rd day this week that the dishes weren't put away and the ice packs i need for my lunch bag were not in the freezer. On top of that, there was coffee spilled on the counters, food from his dinner left in the sink, his uniform left in a pile in the dining room, two sodas that he drank half of left in various places, the oven light left on, all the fans left on, the DVR and cable box left on, and trash on the floor. Now this probably wouldn't have been a big deal except it's the 3rd time this week I have woken up to a dirty house that was otherwise clean when I went to bed.

Now I don't expect him to scrub the house down everyday, but come on! trash on the floor, the clothes, the spilled coffee! COME ON NOW!

Good thing I woke up early today so I had time to semi-clean up the mess.

Now I am off to shower and face another fun exciting day at the geicos.



Congratulations on being named the official Bruce!!! I am excited for you and look forward to stories of Nemo adventures :)


Walt said...

You'd hate living with us. We sometimes have cleaning issues. And when I say "we," I mostly mean Ken. He's such a fucking slob. Granted, I could do better, but I'm the one who ends up doing most of the cleaning, unless he's feeling guilty about not cleaning. Yesterday I managed to unload and reload the dishwasher, did all the laundry (only three loads... I did laundry mid-week, too) and put it away, swept, vacuumed, Swiffered and mopped the kitchen, living room, dining room and front hallway, cleaned all those rooms as well and thought about starting upstairs, but took a nap instead.

Anonymous said...

1) Be thankful you don't live with British John - the king of Leaving Things All Over The Place.

2) Thanks for the congrats, darlin'! I need to clarify tho... I'm not *THE* Bruce, I'm just *A* Bruce. :-)

Nessa said...

I think it must be a british man thing. Sloppy sows!

Nessa said...

Walt, you can come do my house next!

Malchera said...

I hate untidiness. I was actually making the bed, in the hotel.

Mr. Bee said...

Nessa you can come and live with us. The house is always clean. Always. I don't care who does it (even if I do it most of the time), but the house is always clean. Counters always wiped down, beds made, bathrooms smelling fresh. I won't and can't stand for anything less.

Nessa said...

Kevin, I would help you! Where's my room ;)?

I am big about the kitchen being clean. I clean it like 2 times a day at least!