Friday, October 19, 2007

Across the Universe

Yesterday, Derek and I went out for lunch and to see Across the Universe.

Now, I was on the fence about seeing it as i was getting mixed reviews. Some people loved it, some people said it wasn't worth seeing in the theater, some said to skip it all together. I wanted to love this movie. i haven't fell in love with a film since Moulin Rouge!

So we went during bargain hour (woohoo!)

First - I really liked it. I didn't love it, but I really liked it. Visually, it was beautiful, the symbolism, the colors, really great.

The story - I felt there were parts that didn't add anything to the film, if anything, they confused me. It was too long. I felt that the movie had ended three or four times. I hate that feeling. When I'm like ok roll the credits, wait no? I don't go to the movies ever because I can't sit and pay attention that long. I do think that having a Janis type character and a Jimi Hendrix Character wasn't necessary, I think they could have been regular people and it wouldn't have taken anything away from it. I think there were characters created just for the sake of adding in another song.

Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite freaked me the hell out. That whole song freaked me out. but in a good way

A lot of people loved the Let it be number. Other than saying hey racism sucks ass, I didn't understand it's point of being in the film. I also didn't understand the purpose of having Prudence in the I want to hold your hand part either. I guess they were showing where the characters came from. But to be honest, I don't think it mattered since I was under the impression that it was a story between Lucy and Jude. I think the Prudence aspect of the story could have been removed and it may have helped the film flow better. (And cut out 20 minutes from the movie)

The best part of this whole film was the music of course.

My favorite parts via song...
Come together (when the jimi-esque guy comes to NY)
I want you
Mr. Kite

Out of 5 stars I would give it a 3. I think seeing it in the theater adds to the experience due the surround sound and the colors. If you go purely on story, netflix.

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