Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home?

So yes I am home now. Although I had a huge arguement with my mommie (yes I still call her mommie) I miss her horribly and worry about her all the time. Derek and I are seriously considering moving up there, if all goes well with us. So far, so good. We are communicating well and finding little things to do together.

My poor pal April was dumped via email this week :/ It came out of no where from what I can tell. She was talking about spending time with him on the day I left, I come back and my sister says he emailed her and dumped her. It's like dude, grow some balls. Over the phone is better than email. I feel for her because it's her first serious guy in a long time. He's a shithead.

I have 90+ podcasts to catch up on. so many. Most are the Adam Corolla show. I might just delete those.

I'm just babbling now.

Walt, Holly, and Ru the postcards should be arriving shortly. I mailed them before I left. I didn't forget about you :)

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Malchera said...

Welcome home. I missed you. So your really thinking of moving to Idaho. Good luck because I enjoy saying I'da ho

Hope Maggie is good, looking forward to the postcard