Monday, October 22, 2007

California is burning

There are 8 fires burning in San Diego county right now :(

My home is not in the vicinity of any of these fires; however, I think my supervisor's being evacuated. I don't have a personal phone number for him, I really hope he is ok. With his recent troubles with his health, i am worried.

It smells of smoke, even inside with all the windows closed. I have a towel in the crack of my front door. My animals are staying close to me, They seem mellow, but I think my anxiety has made them want to stay near me. Does that make sense?

This is scary. I remember how scared I was during the cedar fires in 2003. I could see the fire coming over the hill then. I don't see any fire now, but the smell.

My office is closed for sure today and tomorrow. i would say 90% of our schools are closed either due to the fire or the air quality.

I really hope that everyone gets to where they need to be safely. If anything changes, I do have somewhere to go. My pal Todd said I could come crash, he already has a co-worker of ours and her family.

I want my mommie :(


Malchera said...

I am watching on sky news. Take care thinking of you.

Walt said...

Keep safe. Sucks that it takes this for you to get a couple of days off, though.