Saturday, October 20, 2007

No witty title

So while I was parusing my pals on the livejournal and my pal Bran posted a link to a documentary-type film called Zeitgeist. Which he (bran) described as propaganda and conspiracy theories, but states we should watch it anyways. So, I take the two hours to watch it because another person's view on religion and government always interests me. I don't know how much I agree or disagree with, but it was definitely interesting. I have always had a mild agnostic view on politics and religion so anything that sparks my brain a thinking is good.

So if you have some free time, I say watch it. If anything, it is interesting to see what this person's (the director) point of view is on the world and what's going on in it.

I know that some people are offended by talks of religion or government. Please don't look at it as a personal attack on your beliefs, it is just another idea of how another group of people have on how the world works.

One thing I do believe, is that if people took the time to see someone else's point of view, that understanding wouldn't be so hard to come by.

I am also curious on peoples' opinions on this movie. So let me know :)

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