Monday, October 29, 2007

Zoning the hell out O_-

So updates galore. well, not really.

So everything is sorta going back to normal. I can honestly say that I have never seen so many fire trucks and police vehicles in my life. When I was driving home Sunday there was a line of nine green colored fire trucks hauling ass up the road.

That I know of, two men lost their homes at my work. A bunch of people were evacuated and only a portion of people have returned home. the fires aren't out, but for the most part, its getting resolved.

I have to sent a very special thanks to Taylor, Taffy, and Rodan from Pod is my Copilot for their very kind words and thoughts. It meant a lot :)

I don't know how many readers listen to Archer's podcast, but I still find what he said upsetting. But I guess I really can't blame him. If California is protrayed as a upper class fun zone, then I guess I can't expect people to empathize with us po' folk. I'm not mad at him, I think I was surprised by it. I'll leave it at that.

For reals ya'll, I just saw a commercial for Charmin where the bears had paperballs stuck to their butt. i tried to find the commercial on the youtube, but instead found this:

I say....WTF?

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