Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Alarm Clock

i want to say thank you for not going off this morning. It was a treat to wake up an hour and fifteen minutes late. It was great that I didn't get a good breakfast and a proper walk. If you do this again alarm clock i will throw you against the wall. Hugs and kisses, me


Nothing to much to say today. i am a walking zombie...so much to do...no time...barrrrrrggggg

Walt, I am going to Idaho for a week to see my mom. April is staying with my babies so they don't get lonely. Plus I think Maggie loves April more than me haha! Good luck on the overtime.

I have to say that Ricky from the Foul Monkeys podcast is awesome. I just started listening on a regular basis because of Taylor TLB and a few mentions on Qcast. I love when people are approachable and down to earth. love it.

So I downloaded AIM (Ricky's fault) so if any of ya'll want to gab with me, my AIM thingy is Missxomisery. Add me! We'll talk, no big whoop.

Food for today:

i had a breakfast burrito for breakfast (duh)
turkey sammie
teddy grahams
vanilla yogurt
field greens salad
lean cuisine french bread pizza
2 diet cokes
66 oz of water


Walt said...

One of my biggest fears is missing the alarm. I've got myself so trained that if I have to wake up earlier than my normal time, I tend to wake up before the alarm goes off. I hate, hate, HATE being late for anything.

Ricky B said...

Hey Nessa thanks for the shout out! I just added you to my AIM list because I forgot to earlier in the week!