Monday, September 24, 2007

I should take that vicodin

Ok, so last night I was swearing to buddah it was going to be an early night. And by early I guess I meant 11. I know 11 isn't terribly late, but it is when you wake up at 4am. I seriously have not slept more than 3-4 hours a night for the last two weeks. My boss said I should pop some Tylenol PM. I didn't have time to grab any, but I do have a vicodin. I am tempted, but then I'm not. I just got a million things on my mind. But I am going to see my mom a week from today :D

My pal April will be staying here with my babies. Maggie loves April so I know she'll be in good hands.

I will have to share some stories about April at a later time. April has been my best friend for 21 years. I love her a whole bunch :)

Hahah Hootie and the Blowfish are on Emeril Live! hahahah! I liked Hootie back in the day.

Hell yeah! I loved the 90's :X

Today was much better for eating.

I had a piece of toast, an egg, and a piece of pepper jack cheese for breakfast.
teddy grahams
turkey sammie
a giant mixed green salad with black beans, chicken, and avacado.
1 diet coke
66 oz of water

I have a pair of sweat pants I have had for several years that have been more like leggings on me. I am wearing them now and they are def looser in the legs and tummy :) i am still walking and still doing crunches at least 5 times a week. It's not even as hard as it was when I started. I am actually starting to like the walks.

It's nice to feel good you know?


Malchera said...

Good luck with the walking and crunches. You stick it out and they become a habit.

Walt said...

Did I miss something? Why is April staying there with your babies? Are you going away? Do tell.

I have every intention of going to bed early tonight. I was up at 5 this morning to bring Ken to the airport and then came home to go back to bed. My plan is to get up early and do a little extra overtime in the morning. Wish me luck.