Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a younger guy

Chapter two of Vanessa's loves...Tim

Tim was 17 and I was 20. Not a horrible difference. Tim and I grew up together. I was friends with April and Tim was friends with her younger brother.

Tim was the first person I had sex with, the first guy i lived with, the first guy I had a bank account with.

Tim and I had date nights where we would go to Family Fun Center and play all those kiddie games for tickets. We were saving the tickets for one of those lame gifts. As lame as it sounds it was honestly very sweet. We would walk amongst the screaming brats er kids hand in hand.

We were together for 2 years....6 months longer than we should have been. i have a soft spot in my heart for him.

We didn't really talk after he moved out. He randomly instant messaged me after he moved to Idaho and said:

McChit3: hey I want to let you know that you are a great person and I still love you

McChit3: i still care bout what happens to you though i might not say it or act like it

McChit3: i just wanted to let you know that I still care bout you

I had saved that convo on a diary I had back them. very sweet. He isn't a bad guy, we were too young for that mature of a relationship.

He still talks to my mom all the time. My mom says he's doing great.

Tonight I went out to dinner with Kevy. We had a good time :) He was flirting with the cashier at Office Depot and had to point out 6 times I was married to her. I had to go outside cause I wanted to laugh really hard. He needs a how to pick up chicks for dummies book

I bought the Labyrinth soundtrack today! I am listening to it right now! i love David Bowie. Love him. Here is David Bowie with one of my new favorite bands Arcade Fire

and then

So damn hot...This man ages so well.

smartstart cereal w/ soy milk
cheese sammie
bruchetta burger from Applebees
2 long island ice teas
51 oz of water
2 diet cokes
one scoop of ice cream


Mr. Bee said...

Good for you and changing your diet!
Once I get to Orlando, Michael and I (and unfortunately John) are going back to the ways that allowed us to drop 40 Lbs in about10 months.
It was healthy and we ate well. I need to drop the poundage and it is always easier to do it with someone.

Nessa said...

Thanks Mr. Bee! It is hard doing it on my own, but i get the pats on the back i need time to time from the comments on the blog.

Deborah said...

That Tim guy sounds really young. The fact, though, that he lived with you for two years says a lot about him, despite his age. This ebook I'm reading actually has some good things to say about youngish people trying to love like adults, like how it's a start to becoming serious individuals ready to give it all into a relationship. I hope he's happy.

Nessa said...

Deborah, please keep in mind that this was almost 10 years ago. And i wasn't exactly an old lady.