Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Loves - Chapter 1

and by loves i mean loves, plural. I fall in love hard and often Some harder then others. In my nostalgia, I have decided that i want to write about my loves in this blog.

The first guy I ever felt in my heart I loved was David. I met David when I was 13 and he was 15. He was dating my friend Janessa and somehow I ended up talking to him on the phone. He and our friend Mike used to skateboard to my house all the time. David was 6'5 I think, brown hair, so cute. He and Janessa didn't last of course because what jr.high/high school relationship does. I will always remember him because he was the first guy I felt so strongly about. You never forget your first one do you?

I could write a million things, but David and I were in and out of each other's lives off and on for 12 years... There are a lot hazy memories. He is worth mentioning cause he was the first serious crush. I wonder how he is.

food for today:
cottage cheese and pineapple
vanilla yogurt
cheese sammie
spinach salad
half a swedish meatballs lean cuisine
67 oz of water
1 diet coke

1 comment:

Malchera said...

Good luck with the diet. MY first love was a girl called Linda. Nothing ever came of it. She is an artist now