Monday, September 10, 2007

No motivation

I just could not get my ass moving today. I did walk this morning, but work dragged, I came home and didn't do anything but watch TV. I don't normally do that, but today, I did.

My new pal Walt is in Florida right now and I am living vicariously through him. He has taken some neat pictures and is listing his meals in his blog. Although most of it is fish (barf), it's neat to hear about what other people eat when on vacation. Plus he went to fraking Walt Disney World! I'm wierd.

Speaking of what people eat:

The rest of my firtatta
2 vanilla yogurt
half a sammie
tomato and Cheese sammie for dinner
68 oz of water
1 diet coke

Dude my pal Todd at work bought me a Huey Lewis and the News concert video. Its so great! I love it! I love Huey Lewis. Love him. My pal Danny and I said there is no way you can't like this song cause chances are he sings your hometown hahahaha!

ok, I'mn taking my nerd ass to bed.

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