Sunday, September 16, 2007

a tough patch, i hope


Yesterday Derek and I discussed separating. A very hard conversation to have. The truth of the matter is we haven't been happy for awhile. It was like we were both trying really hard to meet the same goal, but in different places. Lack of communication basically. So we have decided that we will try very hard to communicate better and to do things together. If things don't feel better by February, well we'll discuss it when the time comes.

It's very scary. I love Derek very much, and he loves me but we almost live as roommates. It's not making for a healthy marriage you know. So were gonna try. really hard. Cause if it doesn't work, I don't know what i'll do.

Walt, you'll have to clean out your comic book room heh. kidding of course.

I feel better today. kind of optomistic. Still very scared.

Food for today:
Onion and mushroom omlette
turkey sammie with some cheddar harvet sun chips
Whole wheat pasta with zuchinni and portobello mushroom sausage
scoop of ice cream
1 diet cream soda
1 diet coke
66 oz of water


Walt said...

Holy crap. I hope this is nothing more than a rough patch. We all go through them. You really need to have one to appreciate the good times. I hope you guys can get back on track asap. If not, I'll need shirtless pics of Derek to determine who gets the comic room. On second thought, I'll need the pics regardless.

Mr. Bee said...

Sweetie -
That sucks ass. I hope you are able to work it out.

Nessa said...

Hahah Walt! Thanks for making me smile after a very long day.

Mr. Bee- Thank you, I appreciate it.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Well Nessa, if Derek wins the shirtless lotto with Walt, I have 3 extra bedrooms! Hope everything works out for you!

xoxo ~Hol