Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dear Asshole

This will be very reminisant of Robbie's rants on the daily purge.

Dear Asshole driving on the 67 at 5:30 this morning,

It is customary that when it is pitch black outside, that you use your lights. That's right, every car is equipped with them. They are put there so when it is dark, and the road isn't lit, and to top it off it's raining, you can put them on to see and other cars can see you. You see asshole, it is almost impossible to see a black and/or dark blue car if you don't put your fucking lights on.

Thank you!

So i worked the five hours OT today. I went to starbucks on the way home and had a small pumpkin frap and bought derek a java chip frap. Came home and didn't do really anything. I had lunch then took a nap. I have been enjoying the cool weather. I think the high today was 70. I love it. Fall is coming *does a jig*

Food today wasn't so good. I really need to work on a routine for my days off. I didn't eat crap, just didn't drink enough water...I didn't drink any :( I will def have a huge glass before bed. Anyways...

I woke up late so breakfast was a slimfast.
sun chips
turkey sammie
1 diet coke
1 pumpkin frap
1/2 a diet cream soda
1 scoop of ice cream

ahhh-I forgot to eat dinner :/ It's too late to eat now. I will prolly have a scoop of cottage cheese so I can take my vitamin. blarg.

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