Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm tired is the story of my life

I have been so tired this week. I feel like when anybody asks how I am, I am always saying i'm tired. Blah. Tomorrow, I am working some overtime instead of sleeping all day. I am only working 5 hours, but that will be like an extra $150 bucks on the pay check :)

But for reals...people, when you move...CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS ON YOUR DAMN INSURANCE POLICY. I work in the internet department for GEICO. Once a month we send out emails to customers who report a change of address to the post office asking them to change their address with us. Normally we'll have a steady queue of requests, never getting above 40-50...Yea today 200+ all day ZzZzZz

So, I was looking through the facebook....this is the same for myspace...

Why have a profile if it's going to be private? I understand for kids under 15 and stuff...But for reals? I don't get it. If these are social, networking sites...Why make them private and block anyone from seeing you?

Love and good thoughts going out to Michael from Qcast Connections on his audition! My fingers are crossed.

Food for today was...

a piece of toast with an egg and a piece of cheese
grapes, carrots, sun chips
turkey sammie, string cheese
chicken and black bean salad
fat free chocolate milk
50 oz of water (I'm working on more)
1 diet coke

I have walked every days so far this week, I have also started doing some crunches cause i have a belly.

i tried on a pair of pants I bought 6 months ago last night. When I bought them I couldn't get them buttoned. Now I can get them buttoned and zipped. They are still a little tight for my liking, but I could wear them. It was motivating.

I have to say that my pals Walt, Holly, Mr. Bee, Ru, your words of encouragement have seriously helped and I thank you a million times.

I hope starbucks is open around 5:30am tomorrow so I can get me a pumpkin spice frap before work. Taylor...its your fault i need one!


Mr. Bee said...

Oh girl. I know about tired. I have not been sleeping well. As soon as I wake up I start thinking, what do I need to do, what if this happens,blah, blah, blah. I am a Geico customer! I always change the address thing. So you dont have to worry about me. I hope all is going well. You know you have lots of "internet support". Keep your chin up girl.

Malchera said...

You always support me.

I do keep a lot of my details off Facebook, and MYspace to:

stop spammers, and Id theives.

As well as flaming.

Walt said...

Congrats on fitting into those pants. Give yourself a few more weeks and they'll fit you like you want them to. There's nothing better (well, maybe lots of things better, but you know what I mean) than reclaiming clothes that you outgrew.

And I know exactly what you mean about tired. If I could use one word to describe myself it would be tired. I'm exhausted right now, but I think it's because I picked up a cold. Going from the heat of Florida to the chill of the Northeast really fucked me up. I was planning on going in on Saturday for overtime, but if I still feel like this tomorrow, there's no way.

Keep on keepin' on, girl!!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I love when you can finally see the progress of your diet! Good for you on the pants! They will be WAY too big for you in no time!