Monday, September 3, 2007

Dear Internets

I don't understand Labor Day. I should do some reaserch and see what it really means. But today it meant working away for the gecko. But he did pay me well. i get paid for the holiday, plus I get time and a half for working it. So it's like double time and a half. Derek and I are going up to Idaho in October, so we can use the extra money to get my mom an ipod. He is also working today and I thin he is getting the "double time and a half" Being union has some advantages, but not a whole lot.

i am watching Rock of Love...It's Brett Michaels looking for love in a group of girls. I don't think you can find love that way. But what do I know, I met my husband on the internets. I have to say that I have been a big believer in the internets for all kinds of things. I made some really good friends, had a great relationship with with a great guy (not the donkey punch guy Walt haha), been entertained, met my husband, found a better job, and made more new friends. It has allowed me to meet people I would have never met otherwise, It has given me an outlet to express myself, and it has connected me with old friends I may have never talked to again otherwise. It's a very groovy thing.

My husband saw Bryce! Bryce is a guy I used to work with like five years ago and became like a little brother to me. He is who made me believe that love exists and is a beautiful gift. i lost touch with him a couple years ago. He told Derek he's doing well, has a pretty girlfriend, has finished college. He's doing well which is all I ever wished for him. That made me happy. I love Bryce. I'm getting teary eyed thinking about him. He is so genuine and creative. I admire a lot of things about him.

Today's menu-

smart start cereal w/ soy milk
container of yogurt
can of slim fast (really helped the chocolate craving)
chicken carbonara lean cuisine
1 scoop of chocolate chip ice cream
120 OZ of water. ( I have peed a million times today)


Walt said...

I watch Rock of Love religiously, though I don't think it's been as good as Flavor of Love. The FoL girls have been way skankier and skanky usually makes for good tv.

I loved Tiffany ("Don't threaten me with a good time") and I love how drunk she got.

I like Jess the best, followed closely by Sam. I think Heather is a man. Lacey is evil, but she can't go yet.

Nessa said...

i like Jess too! I had a crush on bret growing up, even saw Poison in concert. Now the bandana thing annoys me haha!

From what I hear they are doing a FOL 3. Yay for skanky slut girls fighting!

Walt said...

Can't wait for FoL 3. I'm even excited for I Love New York 2. I'm such trash!!!