Thursday, September 6, 2007

Moody Nessie

I was in a bad super bad mood today. grrrrr! I feel better now though.

This is super quick since it's bed time.

I was not good today

half a diet coke
20 oz of water
a side salad
roast beef sammie
150-calorie cake

not good at all. I will do better tomorrow since i finally went grocery shopping. And it was only like 85 degrees today which made me happy :) We turned off the air conditioning finally!


Malchera said...

Eeek, Hope today, tomorrow, is better. Glad the weather is cooler
Take care

Walt said...

Love it. At 85 degrees you turn the air off. At 85, we turn it on.

Nessa said...

it was like 100 plus all week last week. I love it when it's in the low 80's

Walt said...

It was around 90 here today. Too damn hot. I don't think we hit a single 100 degree day this year, which is great. It's usually in the mid 70s this time of year. Perfect weather for everything!!!