Friday, September 21, 2007


After months and months of searching we finally have a wii! We can't get it to go online though :X! haha!

So far Derek and I have been playing the sports games. And the boxing! Holy cow, I was sweating like one after like one round. But it is a lot of fun. Once derek figures out how to get it online, he'll be happy.

We're gonna have Chilis for dinner and play Mario Party :D!

Today was a bad day that turned into a good one.

Holly, the fairest princess in all of fairyland! Best of luck on your path to drop the 7!

Walt! please feel better!

Kevin and Michael! Congrats on the house!

Taylor, congrats on the 25!

food for today:
Blackbean and egg burritto
vanilla yogurt
sun chips
turkey sammie
string cheese
pumpkin spice frap
a brownie :x
A buffalo chicken salad
french fries
50 oz of water
1 diet coke

I had junk today. But its ok to have a treat one in awhile. I can't beat myself up about it cause i'll eat more.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Yay in the Wii, Nessa! Once you get it online, we'll have to exchange numbers! It really can be a good workout! I bet you're sore tomorrow morning! I kick ass on Wii baseball, and it really frustrates Nick. Also, he makes fun of me because when I bat, I do a little batting stance complete with leg kick! Go ahead and laugh, but I still beat him everytime! :)

Fairy Princess Holly said...

And by "Yay in the Wii" I meant Yay ON the Wii! I'm a putz.

Malchera said...

OHH I am so Jealous :)

I want I want I want

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

I'm taping with Taffy today - I'll be sure to talk with her about her obsession with the Wii a little more in your honor :)

Walt said...

I'm so jealous. Everyone has a wii but me, but I don't know that I want one. I do because everyone else has one, but I don't know that I'd play it too much. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to get everything done that I want.

Mr. Bee said...

Oh Walt! Who cares if you don't play it that often, the point is you will have one! Then you create Miis and share them with us. Go and buy one...the bonus is, if you play the sports it counts as exercise!

Walt said...

You mean I can sit on my big fat ass *AND* exercise at the same time? Sign me up!

Nessa said...

For reals Walt, the boxing is hard, I played it once was breathing all hard, so much fun!