Friday, September 14, 2007

Not up for a blog

I was gonna do another chapter of Nessa's loves, but i am not in a love mood today. Maybe tomorrow.

Spinach-mushroom omlette
cottage cheese
three bites of an apple, I bit into a mushy bit and it ruined it for me
turkey sammie
turkey sammie
3 diet cokes
48 oz of water


Mr. Bee said...

Nothing worse than biting into a pice of fruit to find it mushy or mealy or dry...UGH! Ruins my day! Okay, I am a bit dramatic. You just want to bring it back to the food store and tell the produce manager to take a bite and ask him why the hell he is selling this crap. OK, I feel better now.

Nessa said...

hahaha, That's exactly how I felt. I was like oh oh oh my GAWD lord this is disgusting, what kind of ass would sell this apple when it has a mush bit.