Saturday, September 15, 2007

The rainbow room at O'Hare

Is this Chapter 4? -Nigel

When I got my first computer in 1999(a teal imac cause it was pretty) I had AOL. While cruising around the chat rooms, I spotted a nirvana chat room. This room was full of regulars. I soon became one of the regulars. It was fun to escape from the crap I had going on in my own life. In 2001 (i think)I started talking to Nigel. He lived in Chicago and we talked about a lot of things. Talking to nigel was different then talking to anyone else, we really hit it off. Then it turned into talking on the phone. Then i found out that Nigel was 17. Right off the bat, I was like um I'm too old for you (I was 22 at the time). We kept talking and kept hitting it off, he became my best friend. So I decided to hop on a plane and go met him in person.

His parents, of course, were concerned. What kinda crazy person was coming to meet their son. i talked to his mom and let her know that this wasn't about anything but putting a face to the name and if it was about anything physical, I could stay home for that.

So i went. First I have to say i love nigel's mom and dad. They remind me of young hippies who shower hahaha. Nigel was just so sweet and adorable. We had fun together. I went out a second time and felt right at home. It's wierd for me to feel at home with other people. I just did. It was an innocent kind of relationship. But it was not meant to be anything more than it was. The age difference of course played a part, the distance played a bigger one. I think Nigel is one of the guys I think of and i really don't have a negative feeling towards. I also think that my love for Chicago comes from my love for nigel. Like i couldn't have one without the other.

Nigel, like the majority of my past interests was very into music and makes his own. he uses old nintendo music and mixes them with beats. It's actually pretty good. I don't talk to him very much these days, but hope he's doing good.

I couldn't find anything with the nintendo music in it, but here's a sample of what kind of music nigel does. He did not make the movie, but it's his music.

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