Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Johnnie, Mario, ZzZzZ

In high school, my jr/sr year i was pretty much hung out with Janessa and John. I don't know how I met john, he might have had a class with Janessa and it went from there. Anyway, John was the complete opposite of me. his clothes were always clean and well-put together, his hair was always done, i'm pretty sure he showered every day haha. Me on the other hand....Well, I was a grunge child. so you can imagine.

Anyways we were pals. John and I were mean to each other. always out of love. As an example how mean we could be, for my birthday, he got me richard simmons cookies. Cause I was a big girl then too. But you know, my feelings could have been hurt, and probably would have been if it were anyone else but John. I called him a bitch and we ate the cookies.

After we graduated, he came and saw me at work a few times. Then he dropped off of the face of the planet. I thought about John often, I mean he was my pal.

Well this is a reason I love the internets. I found Johnnie on the myspace. he lives in NYC and not to my surprise had come out. When we were kids, I knew he was, but i never said anything for a couple reasons. 1) I didn't care and 2) In my mind, you don't confront a teenage boy on his sexuality because what if I was wrong and he stopped being my friend.

But that's not the point of my post here. After not speaking for years, i still feel like were great friends. He has talked to me about some of my concerns with my marriage and has been so great. I'm just so grateful for his friendship and the caring people around me.

Now, i have to thank the Daily Purge a million times over for introducing me to Mario Spinetti. Holy Shit his voice makes me cry. I have listened to his album 20 times today and I HIGHLY recommend you check his work out on the itunes or his myspace.

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Today I ate:
an apple
cottage cheese
a piece of toast with peanut butter
vanilla yogurt
turkey sammie
string cheese
green salad
one turkey dog
one scoop of ice cream
66 oz of water
1 diet coke
1 diet cream soda
1 sugar free rockstar (I was tired yo!)

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