Thursday, September 27, 2007

I should be cleaning...

But I'm not hehe! I will after my blarg here.

Yesterday was alright, Work was boring as normal, came home and caught up on the oprahs and then played wii sports with Derek. I whooped his ass at golf, he whooped me at tennis, and we tied at bowling.

Today Derek has a dentist appointment, were gonna run to Target to pick up a few things, then out to dinner with Keela.

Yesterday I ate:
an egg with toast and a piece of pepperjack cheese
turkey sammie
teddy grahams
soy burritos
1 diet coke
90 oz of water


Walt said...

Where are you going for dinner? I want to go out, but I'm all alone tonight. Plus I just ate. But still....

Mr. Bee said...

Are things okay between the 2 of you? I hope so.
A good Wii session is always great to bring people together. :P

Nessa said...

Kevin, so far it's okay. We are trying to communicate more and do more things together. Wii is something were bonding on. :)

I think were going to Roadhouse Grill. It's a steak house. Keela's pick since it's her birthday :)